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Used by the nation’s leading hospitals and medical centers, BiliTool EMR requires no data entry from the care provider. A programmed weblink embedded in the EMR launches a webpage and directly imports the infant’s date and time of birth, total bilirubin result, and date and time of sampling. No protected health information is transmitted. The webpage opens directly to the risk assessment, follow up recommendation, and treatment recommendation based on the infant’s age in hours.

Instructions for integrating your EMR directly with BiliTool are provided below. For additional questions, please contact Dr. Tony Burgos by email:


We thank the following organizations for their support by integrating BiliTool into their electronic health record systems.

Lucille Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford CHOC - Children's Hospital of Orange County
Women's and Children's Hospital, University of Missouri Health Center *

Seattle Children's Hospital
Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center


EMR Instructions

For your convenience, we are providing the following query string template for use within your clinical information system.

Configuration entails populating the following template with age, bilirubin value and the units of measure. When this link is included in your web-based laboratory results view for example, it will deference the BiliTool results screen.

While this is a free service, we do ask that you register with us. We are unable to provide direct support for custom configuration within your environment, nor do we provide any assurances or guarantees regarding uptime and availability for this free service. BiliTool is used worldwide so we please ask that you test your implementation carefully to avoid unnecessary queries and loads on our server.

Step 1: Register

BiliTool EMR Registration

Step 2: Template[AGE]&bilirubin=[BILIRUBIN]&units=[UNITS]&Submit=Submit

Where [AGE] (no brackets) is the age of the child in hours, [BILIRUBIN] is the laboratory observation for total bilirubin where the time of blood sampling for that observation matches the age of the child in hours, and [UNITS] are the units of measure in either US (mg/dl) or the global standard SI metric units (µmol/L). You must use either “us” or “si” in your search string.

Per the current Bhutani nomogram, the results are only valid for laboratory observations in children between 12 and 146 hours of age. Although the BiliTool results screen will throw an error if submission of age is outside these boundaries, it may be prudent to includes methods (e.g. rules) to prevent population of hyperlinks with ages below 12 or above 146 hours. How you do this is up to you.


For a child 48 hours of age and a bilirubin observation of 12 mg/dl, the simple URL string would be:

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